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Russians may leave the UAE through more changes on the part of banks, – Bloomberg

Potiki of Rosieki griefs in OAYS. I unlikely Chi is zero zbilsh. Banks in the country have become more sensitive to drastic sanctions.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Bloomberg.

It is reported that individuals who arrived from Russia are now considering the possibility of transferring I go to new jurisdictions or return home.

Russian organizations that open their shells are now very likely to face strong respect from local banks.

“The UAE is succumbing to intense pressure on the side of the United States with a method of combating potential deterioration in sanction”, – is included in the materials.

Investment and immigration firm Henley & Partners say that the activities of their Russian clients either reduced their assets from the sphere of insecurity in Dubai, they bought two rocks, or saved a small base and turned to Moscow.

Banks began to inform Russians

OAE Banks, zocrema PJSC “Emirates NBD Bank” PJSC “Mashreqbank” and PJSC “First Bank of Abu Dhabi” strengthened control over Russian organizations and in the remaining months they were trying to ensure greater protection from the US sanctions.

Bankers from Dubai said, what do we do For Russians who suffered under sanctions, banks were put under service.

“People who may be politically inclined or have ties to individuals who are under sanctions have also encountered difficulties while working with banking accounts,” writes Bloomberg.

Not all Russians are leaving the country

In Idannya orders , that not all Russians are ready to work for the OAU. Aluminum producer United Co. Rusal International PAT moved its global trading operations to Dubai as a result of the past.

A lot of oil traders moved from Geneva and London at the beginning of the war, just as before, give credit to the OAU, vikorysts Dirham is a great alternative to the dollar.

“Also, this cohort faced more stringent control over the gas industry, if the United States enforced the extension of its sanctions to reduce naphtha prices,” the newspaper wrote.

The establishment of the OAU before sanctions against Russia

The Ukraine did not request vadila obmezhen against the Russian Federation, Prote aims to avoid directly helping the Kremlin circumvent the official sanctions of the US, EU and Britain.

Lately last spring, Bloomberg wrote that the United Arab Emirates is considering the possibility of compromising export controls, which could and the speed of the Russian military car.

Already at the beginning of leaf fall, ZMI reported that the United Arab Emirates would soon limit the export of essential goods to Russia.

And the Russian United Arab Emirates has blocked tankers enter their waters under ensign Cameroon. The decision has been made to ensure that the Emirates accepts vessels involved in transporting sanctioned Russian oil.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukra channel ina on Telegram.

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