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Sumy region was subjected to 60 shellings per day, there were dead and wounded

A total of 341 explosions were recorded.

The Sumy region suffered 60 shellings a day, there were dead and wounded

Shelling of the Sumy region (illustrative photo)

During March 17, the region. A total of 341 explosions were recorded.

This was reported by the regional military administration.

341 explosions were recorded. The Miropol, Yunakovskaya, Khotyn, Belopolskaya, Vorozhbyanskaya, Krasnopolskaya, Trostyanetskaya, Velikopisarevskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Shalyginskaya, Esmanskaya, Seredino-Budskaya, Sveskaya, Znob-Novgorodskaya communities were shelled.

Velikopisarevskaya community suffered air strikes : there were air strikes, FAB MPK launches from a tactical aviation aircraft (9 explosions), KAB launches from a tactical aviation aircraft (14 explosions), mortar attacks (24 explosions), shelling from MLRS (20 explosions), artillery (20 explosions).

As a result of the FAB MPK air strike on the village of Velikaya Pisarevka, a non-residential building, a store, a branch of the cultural center, a library, a cultural services center, a hospital department, a kindergarten, 15 private households, a multi-storey building, and a gas pipeline were damaged.

As a result of the airstrike, one resident of the community was killed. Another local was injured.

The enemy fired artillery (2 explosions) and mortars (13 explosions) at the Esman community.

In Akhtyrskaya a missile strike by Iskander-M (2 missiles) was recorded.

At MiddleThe Russians dropped the Budskaya community in 9 minutes.

The Sveskacommunity was subjected to mortar shelling (4 explosions).

On Belopolskaya the enemy fired from artillery (52 explosions) and mortars (5 explosions), AGS (29 explosions), MLRS (22 explosions).

In Miropolskaya shelling from MLRS was recorded ( 32 explosions) and artillery (4 explosions).

On Krasnopolskaya there were mortar attacks (22 explosions) and artillery shelling (1 explosion).

On Khotinsk the enemy dropped 6 minutes.

The Russians hit Vorozhbenskaya with MLRS (15 explosions) and artillery (6 explosions). .

Shaliginskaya came under mortar fire (4 explosions).

Sumskaya community came under rocket fire (2 explosions). Civil infrastructure facilities were damaged.

At Yunakovsk there was an attack by a kamikaze drone (1 explosion) and a drop of VOG explosive devices from a UAV (4 explosions).

  • Also now there are Russians attacked Konotop. Civil infrastructure facilities there were damaged.


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