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The bitter winter of the village is third in the ranking of the warmest in the history of Kiev

The average temperature over the winter was 0.3 degrees Celsius, which is 2 degrees higher than the climate norm .8 degrees. Kalendarna Winter 2023-2024 Rockiva became third at the rating of the navigable winters at the Kiwi z 1881 Rock.

about the cereal of RBC-Ukraine, to the central geofizichna observative.

The weather has decided the onset of meteorological spring is well ahead of the calendar lines – 24 days, when there is a stable transition of the wind temperature through 0 degrees at b_k, which is 37 days earlier than the average weather date”, – go to notification.

For details According to climatologists, all winter months in the capital were warmer than normal. The most positive temperature is the fiercest one – 5.2 degrees. During the winter, 14 temperature records were recorded in the capital.

The coldest day of the winter was 9 pm, when the temperature dropped to 15.8 degrees below zero, and the warmest – 29 degrees, when the temperature rose to 12.1 degrees of heat.

The fall of this calendar winter fell 161 mm, which was 131% of the climatic norm.

Record-breakingly warm

Guess what, this bitter winter has become another in the ranking of the warmest in the capital after 2 002 roku. The average monthly wind temperature in Kiev was 2.9 degrees Celsius, which is 5.2 degrees higher than the climatic norm.

According to climatologists, throughout the month all temperature records were recorded. Pouring 29 fiercely, if the temperature was maximum, the temperature reached 12.1 degrees of heat, applying the temperature record for the Central Health Center.

behind the forecast of Ukrgizdrometts in the birch 2024 in Ukraine, the temperature is predicted at 1-7 degrees of heat. The price is 1-2 degrees higher than normal.

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