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The formation of the Marine Corps is in its final stages

The Corps will include separate marine brigades and separate artillery brigades, as well as other combat and support units.

The creation of the Marine Corps of the Ukrainian Navy will make it possible to more effectively use subordinate units in the defense of the state – in particular, plan operations, manage forces, provide offensive and defensive support.

This was reported by the press service of the Marine Corps Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“Based on the approved structure, the Marine Corps will be designed to perform tactical, operational-tactical tasks as part of an operational (operational-strategic) group or independently. That is, the Marine Corps with the appropriate set of troops (forces) will be able to independently form an operational-tactical group of troops to conduct operations in the coastal direction,” the message says.

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< Among the main tasks of the Corps is the planning, employment and provision of subordinate troops in accordance with NATO standards, namely the operational planning of the use of the ground component of the interservice group during an operation.

The Corps will also carry out offensive (assault, landing) operations in the waters of rivers and reservoirs in cooperation with naval units, as well as the defense of important coastal facilities and coastal areas, etc.

The Corps will include separate naval brigades infantry. and separate artillery brigades, as well as combat and support units.

In addition, it is planned to create several combat brigades and battalions of the marine corps.

The command of the marine corps will be part of the command of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a structural unit.

Marine Corps Command will be engaged in determining the capability requirements of subordinate forces, determining the resource requirements necessary to properly perform missions. It will carry out strategic planning for the use and development of military units of the Marine Corps, their technical equipment, training and comprehensive support.

  • On May 23, 2023, Vladimir Zelensky announced the creation of a Marine Corps in Ukraine.
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