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The NBU plans to allow the repatriation of hundreds of dollars behind the “old” borgs

The National Bank of Ukraine gives priority to the transition to another stage of currency liberalization, who gives permission for repatriation vysotkiv behind the “old” borgovovye zobov'yazaniya.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in its requests to inform the NBU.

Apparently, until the new, 5th year, the NBU got involved with representatives of the business association atsyy, such as the American Chamber of Commerce and the European Business Association, as well as great business.

It is clear that during the meeting, the topic of currency regulation was discussed, which would increase business disruption, and thus the improvement of currency exchange rates.

“The NBU is determined to continue with currency liberalization, despite all the protests that the war is shaping. The implementation of the first stage of the reduction of foreign exchange exchanges is given priority to its completion. and move on to the implementation of another stage,” said Andriy Pishny.

On his side, the intercessor of the head of the NBU, Yuriy Geletiy, guessed that another stage of relaxation would be carried over to further liberalization of trade finance, the possibility of managing the foreign exchange risks of banks, and also allowed for repatriation Vіdsotkiv behind the “old” borovian crops.

Among other topics, the participants discussed: new macro forecasts of the NBU, the foreign exchange market, 2024 risks and international finance. The National Bank expects that the rhythm of international assistance will increase in the coming months.

Zocrem, the regulator will not be affected by the US financial decision. It is shown that Ukraine’s withdrawal of the necessary obligation of emergency assistance is critically important for the implementation of the base scenario of the NBU’s macro forecast. At the same time, it is also necessary to increase internal resources.

“We are business partners and really have a strong goal – I can help bring the country closer. I am confident that our ability to strengthen the capabilities of Ukraine,” the head of the NBU said.

Recently in Ukraine rsibbank was told What was introduced at the beginning of a large-scale foreign exchange exchange has become a new factor that influences the receipt of foreign investment in Ukraine.

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