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The number of eliminated Hamas militants does not reach Israel’s military goals, – WSJ

Israeli forces have lost 20 to 30% of Hamas militants, but have not yet Advises Israel to protect grouped.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via correspondence with The Wall Street Journal.

According to American intelligence data, Hamas still has enough ammunition to continue striking Israel and Israeli troops near the Gazi Strip for many months.

As a result, the group is trying to renew its police forces in certain areas of Gaza, according to American officials who confirmed the secret call.

Israeli officials learned that, despite the aggressive military and ground campaign in the Gaza Strip, which left thousands of civilians dead, they did not reach their mark – knowledge Shield Hamas, which controls Gaza after the fall of the Palestinian Authority in 2007 .

According to military analysts, the militants have changed their tactics, operating in smaller groups and aiming to ambush Israeli troops, and besides the fighters, they are likely to take over the More work to replace your lost comrades.

Israel's war on the Palestinian factions of Hamas

Before the attack on Israel on the 7th, Hamas militants killed 1,200 civilians and soldiers and kidnapped about 250 people. This year, through the exchange of guarantors, the terrorists obtained about 120 guarantors, and Israel obtained a group of Palestinian ties.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu named three minds for ending the war against the Palestinians many Hamas militants near the Gaza Strip.

On the 13th, Tel Aviv informed Cairo that it plans to launch a military operation to establish control over the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. Recently, Egypt expressed a proposal to Israel about heavy patrols by Israeli troops on the Egyptian side of the border.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called on Israel to face additional harm to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

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