• 22/04/2024 09:42

“The number of those killed and tortured in Bucha is not final,” Deputy Head of the National Police

The National Police continues to investigate Russian war crimes.

After the de-occupation, 42,1190 bodies were found in Bulovy. However, this figure is not final; there are still missing people, and their search continues.

On the second anniversary of Bucha’s liberation, the head of the criminal police, Andrei Nebitov, spoke about this during a telethon.

“In Ukraine, it was the police who initiated more than 116 thousand criminal proceedings on the facts of war crimes of Russia in Ukraine, of which 23 thousand were committed in the Kiev region,” Nebitov noted.

After the de-occupation of Bucha, law enforcement officers documented the terrible consequences – torture , massacres of civilians, destruction.

The number of killed and tortured people is not final, since many residents are missing, the search for them continues.

To date, 514 residents of the Kiev region are considered missing. 180 bodies of our citizens remain unrecognizable.

  • In November 2023, the SBU reported suspicion to a Russian military officer who received a “Hero of Russia” award for shooting people in Bucha. This is Alexander Dosyagaev, commander of the 2nd battalion of the 104th regiment of the 76th airborne division of the Russian airborne forces.
  • The Kiev prosecutor's office established that during the occupation of the Kiev region, the Russians tortured more than a thousand Ukrainians.< /li>
  • In March, after a year of Buchi's dismissal, the Office of the Attorney General continues to record war crimes of the occupiers. Yes, on the anniversary, another case was brought to court. In the Buchansky district alone, more than 9 thousand war crimes were recorded.
  • The SBU identified 4 occupiers who in the Kiev region beat civilians with sticks and took them out to be shot. In February-March 2022, they took part in the seizure of settlements in the Brovary and Buchansky districts and carried out mass repressions against local residents there. window and pointed the gun at us,” – the story of a woman who survived in Bucha.


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