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The occupiers introduced a “special regime” of entry and exit at the administrative border of Crimea and the Kherson region

The access regime in that place “is equivalent to the access regime across the state border of the Russian Federation.”

“Crimean Titan” plant in Armyansk entry and exit on the administrative border with the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region.

Crimea reports this. Realities.

According to the decree issued by the Crimean Gauleiter Sergei Aksenov, the regime of entry in that place is “equated to the regime of entry across the state border of the Russian Federation.”

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The occupation administration has identified the automobile checkpoints “Armensk”, “Perekop”, “Dzhankoy”, and the railway checkpoints “Armensk” and “Dzhankoy” as places of crossing the administrative border. .

To cross the administrative border, foreign citizens or stateless persons must provide a valid identification document recognized in accordance with international treaties of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, Russian military columns will move specially designated roads in agreement with the Border Department of the FSB.

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