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The SBU spoke for the first time about its second naval drone – “Mamai”

“Mamai” is the fastest object in the Black Sea.

New maritime drone The Security Service of Ukraine conducts successful special operations at sea not only thanks to the Sea Baby drone, but also using another drone called “Mamai”.

For the first time, the SBU told military journalist Andrey Tsaplienko about the development of these surface drones. “Mamai” is the fastest object in the Black Sea and can accelerate to 110 km/h.

At the same time, “Sea Baby” attacked the Crimean Bridge and other enemy targets.


“This is not just a naval drone, but a multi-purpose platform that is being effectively used today,” said SBU head Vasily Malyuk.

The SBU press service recalled that thanks to successful attacks, the SBU has actually changed the philosophy of conducting military -sea. operations. In October 2022, SBU naval drones attacked enemy ships in Sevastopol Bay. Then four military vessels were damaged, including the frigate Admiral Makarov.

And this year, drones of the Security Service hit the Samum and Pavel Derzhavin rocket carriers, the SIG tanker, the landing ship Olenegorsky Gornyak, and also damaged the large military tug “Nikolai Muru” and the newest reconnaissance and hydrographic ship “Vladimir Kozitsky”. The SBU noted that the Crimean Bridge is a legitimate target of the Defense Forces.

“Sea Baby”: what is known about it

In the summer of 2023, it became known that the Defense Forces attacked the Crimean bridge using the Sea Baby surface drone. The drone is the result of a long development process, and work on it began immediately after the start of a full-scale Russian attack.

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