• 20/07/2024 18:37

The US launched a series of strikes on militant bases in Iraq

US military forces have launched a series of strikes on three targets as the militants are fighting Grouping “Kataib” Hezbollah” in Iraq.

The head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, stated this, informing RBC-Ukraine of a message to the press service of the US Defense Department.

“Today is under the orders of the President (USA Joe – Biden's armed forces launched strikes on three targets that are being fought against Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah militias and other Iranian-linked militias in Iraq. I report a series of attacks on US personnel in Iraq and “Syria is on the side of militias sponsored by Iran,” the head of the Pentagon said.

In his words, the United States will not stop the escalation of the conflict in the region, but is ready to make further moves to protect American communities yang

ShO, the US

American VIISOKOVOSKOVISKY renounced the lungs, and the SPIVROTIKY forces of the Irakskiy Forces of the Bulf Bulo were wounded by the izhraxa Avayabaza Ain Al-Asad, Yaskiye became 20 sissy. It is indicated that the attack was due to the stagnation of the ballistic formation.

Since the beginning of the war between Israel and the Hamas militants in the past, the American military has suffered attacks at least 58 times in Iraq and another 83 times in Syria on the side of the militants, so are supported by Iran, due to the suspension of missiles and strike drones.

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