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Vlada Belorussi harassed over a hundred giants who turned around from behind the cordon

Since 2023, no less than 125 people have been affected in the Republic of Belarus To turn to the edge – beyond the cordon. Most often, people who came from Lithuania were targeted.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine through communications on the LRT.

The information is provided by the Viasna legal rights center, together with those most often at the border to harass the Belarusians who come from Lithuania. Currently, checks and inspections are being carried out at all border points of Belarus, including those operating on the border with Russia.

Since spring 2023, residents of Belarus will not be able to exchange or renew their passports at embassies and consulates outside the border, for which it is especially important to come to the border. Also, Belarusians should be pressed to the extreme to carry out operations involving cars and insanity.

Belarusian human rights activists respect that they are trying to lure to the extreme the people who oppose the regime of Lukashenka and Mushens flee under the threat of criminal prosecution.

It turns out that most often the confusion arises after the phones of those who turned back were checked by KDB spy telephones or militias. Over the past year, there has been a lot of tension between the former and administrative authorities for the article about the proliferation of extremist materials.

These facts led to the fact that the authorities of Lithuania announced the release to the citizens of Belarus who stay on this territory are called “foreigner passports” “. Such documents will be available to those Belarusians who experienced repression in their fatherland and cannot return to the country to update the documents. Lithuania currently has close to thousands of such people.

The situation in Belarus

Lithuania is planning to slow down the reception of citizens of Belarus who have applied for a temporary residence permit.

The United States has sent the US to the cob. sanctions against Belarus. The reason for this was Russia’s assistance in the war and participation in the deportation of Ukrainian children.

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