• 18/04/2024 03:29

Zelensky announced the creation of the All-Ukrainian Economic Platform: what is the task

Create an All-Ukrainian Economic Platform in Ukraine. It may significantly ease communication with enterprises.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine following the statement of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“We are re-founding the All-Ukrainian economic platform, on which there will be performances and small business , both middle and great. And different regions of our state. And investors, and business relocations,” the president said.

In his words, all the diversity of Ukrainian business will be presented on new platforms i.

“Made in Ukraine” is not just a brand, but a great number of people, millions of Ukrainians and Ukrainians who work in enterprises. And these are our people who will establish enterprises, who create work places for others,” the president said.

The head of state said that together with the Office of the President, regional government administrations and experts, I will organize and platform robot. the headache is an instrument of effective communication.

I guess, for days the President announced that the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine praised the decision for economic security and stability during the period three-way military camp in the country.

Zokrema, having informed about the creation of the project in support of adoption.

Until today, on the 22nd, President Zelensky announced that a difficult discussion had taken place between government officials and representatives of the domestic business.

< p>The head of state announced, having become familiar with the details and asking “to make the necessary arrangements so that all the tensions between government, business, and law enforcement are removed.” And having announced their presentation at the RNBO. Read about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the channel RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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