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Putin threatened to take revenge for the strikes on Belgorod with attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Mar 20, 2024

Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin threatened to attack civilian targets on Ukrainian territory for strikes in the Belgorod region, which his occupying forces have been doing since the beginning of a full-scale war.

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Putin threatened to take revenge for the strikes on Belgorod attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine

Photo – dw.com

On Wednesday, March 20, the Russian leader during a meeting with his proxies in the Kremlin commented on the attacks on the Belgorod region from Ukraine, NBN reports with reference to Kreschatic.

The dictator “admired the courage” of the residents of the border regions of the terrorist state and assured that Moscow “will do everything that depends on it” to support them and ensure the security of these areas.

According to the aggressor president, the Russian Federation “can respond in kind” to Ukraine and attack the civilian infrastructure of a neighboring country, keeping silent about the fact that its occupying forces Over the course of two years of a full-scale war, such strikes have been carried out every day.

Recall that at a press conference after his “re-election” as head of state, Putin said that Russians need to create a “sanitary zone” on Ukrainian territory. The dictator also threatened the fighters of the RDK, the Freedom of Russia Legion and the Siberian Battalion.


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