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Putin's army shot 6 captured defenders left in Avdievka – DeepState

ByJohn Newman

Feb 18, 2024

Yesterday, February 17, the commander of the OSGV “Tavria”, Brigadier General Alexander Tarnavsky, informed that “several of our fighters” were captured by the invaders, trying to break through to safer positions while leaving Avdievka.

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Putin's army shot 6 captive defenders left in Avdeevka DeepState

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About the fact that Putin’s army simply executed 6 prisoners of war defenders of our country who were unable to withdraw from the “Museum” (Zenith) position in the specified city, NBN writes, referring to information published in the Telegram channel of the domestic monitoring project DeepState.

As it became known, fellow soldiers were able to identify the killed soldiers after familiarizing themselves with video materials recently distributed by “Muscovites” on the Internet. It is assumed that the capture of our soldiers became possible because for several days Zenit was surrounded, and everyone who remained walking had to fight their way to the main forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, 6 Ukrainian fighters (4 lying and 2 walking) had no chance to escape without help in evacuation.

DeepState claims that for quite a long period, the command made no decisions regarding withdrawal from this position until, on February 13, ammunition and drinking water supplies began to run out. In accordance with the project data, it was then that an unsuccessful attempt was made to unblock the position, during which some fighters were injured.

In particular, realizing the futility of the defense, the command was given for a breakthrough with  in battle, using small group tactics—some of the defenders left on February 14th, and they promised to evacuate the wounded on February 15th. However, in the end, one of the unharmed soldiers was left with 5 wounded, but the very next day, closer to noon, Putin’s army entered the position, and another day later, in Russian public pages appeared footage of shot soldiers.

In DeepState emphasized:

A series of mistakes and delays in decisive actions led to this tragedy. And the enemy has once again proven that he is indifferent to all the rules of war.

Earlier, we wrote about how the 3rd Brigade commented on rumors about the mass capture of defenders during departure from Avdeevka.


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