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The European Commission announced the timing and location of the creation of a special tribunal for Putin

ByJohn Newman

Apr 5, 2024

Representatives of several dozen countries are part of a group that continues to work on the formation of a special tribunal necessary to hold the Russian authorities accountable for committing war crimes in Ukraine.

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Photo – Sputnik/REUTERS

About the fact that the specified judicial structure designed to punish the Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin and the entire top of the terrorist state will, with a high degree of probability, be created before the end of this year, writes NBN, citing the forecast of the European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders, published in the Deutsche Welle edition.

According to Reynders, at this stage two key models of a special tribunal are proposed: the creation of an international court on the basis of a multilateral agreement or the introduction of a simplified solution – based on a bilateral agreement between Ukraine and the Council of Europe.

Also, the European Commissioner added — The European Union has updated the system regarding the process of transferring proceedings materials, in particular, if a criminal trial has been initiated on the territory of Ukraine, including on war crimes, its consideration can be transferred to  such a special tribunal, which, it seems, will be located in The Hague (Netherlands).

Earlier, we wrote that Macron responded to Shoigu’s accusations of France’s indirect involvement in the terrorist attack in City Crocus Hall.”


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