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The six-month norm for two days – in the Sumy OVA they spoke about the situation with shelling in the region

ByJohn Newman

Mar 15, 2024

Head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration Vladimir Artyukh said that in two days the Russian occupation forces “fulfilled the norm” of shelling in the region for six months.

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Six-month norm for two days – in Sumy OVA spoke about the situation with shelling in the region

Photo – facebook.com/DSNSSUMY

On the air of a national telethon, the head of the Sumy OVA spoke about shelling situation in the region. According to the official, 800 explosions occurred in the region in two days, NBN reports.

Artyukh explained that this number of attacks is the six-month norm for shelling in the Sumy region for 2023. The head of the military administration drew attention to the fact that the Russian occupation forces began to more often use KABs, in particular cluster bombs, for attacks.

The official added that several settlements in the Sumy region are mined.

As reported, on the night of Wednesday, March 13, Putin’s troops attacked a five-story building in Sumy with a Shahed kamikaze drone. Today we know about three dead and more than 10 wounded. The regional military administration showed footage of destruction as a result of a drone attack.


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