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The US Congress is checking SpaceX's involvement in providing Starlink to Russian troops: details of the investigation

ByJohn Newman

Mar 7, 2024

After information appeared in the media regarding the presence of Starlink satellite terminals among the occupiers, SpaceX owner Elon Musk began to categorically deny the possibility of selling these devices in the Russian Federation, both indirectly and directly.

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Congress The United States is checking SpaceX's involvement in providing Starlink to Russian troops: details of the investigation

Photo – AP Photo/Michel Euler

About the fact that the Democrats of the lower House of Representatives of the US Congress have initiated an investigation into the actions of the company of the scandalous American oligarch Musk SpaceX due to numerous lordships about the use of Starlink satellite communication terminals by Putin’s army fighting with Ukraine, NBN writes, referring to ;material from The Washington Post.

According to Democratic congressmen Jamie Raskin and Robert Garcia, they are very concerned about reports confirmed by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense regarding the use of Starlink by Russian occupation forces.

In particular, representatives of the Democratic Party have already sent a warning to SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell that the possible use of such “devices” by the army of an aggressor country poses a serious threat not only to the security of Ukraine and the lives of Ukrainians, but also to the sphere US national security.

Note that the last time the Ukrainian defense department purchased 400-500 Starlinks for the Ukrainian Armed Forces was in June last year, and previously satellite terminals were provided to our state by Musk himself. However, later, after the shutdown of satellite communications from SpaceX off the coast of Crimea, and the loss of several aquadrones by the Defense Forces, the Pentagon took control of these communications.

Thus, significant concerns have now arisen about the broad influence that SpaceX and Musk can have on the course of the war, giving an identical advantage to the Russian Federation.

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