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Trump said he gets along “well” with Putin and again promised to quickly end the war

ByJohn Newman

Jan 17, 2024

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, once again promised that when he comes to power in America, he will quickly end the Russian-Ukrainian war. The politician believes that he “gets along well” with Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin, so he will be able to involve him and the head of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in the negotiation process.

Photo – AP/Sue Ogrocki

After winning the Republican primaries in Iowa, the former American leader again promised to end the war quickly war in Ukraine. The controversial politician said that he “knows well” the head of the Kremlin and the Ukrainian president, NBN reports.

The former head of the White House noted that he “gets along great” with the leader of the Russians, which, in his opinion, “good, not bad.” The former US president added that the situation in Ukraine is terrible and he is going to solve it very quickly.

Trump believes that he knows the head of Ukraine and the aggressor president very well, since he supposedly has good relations with them. The politician is convinced that he will be able to involve Zelensky and Putin in the negotiation process.

Previously, a former White House adviser explained why the head of the Kremlin expects Trump to return to power in the United States.


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