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Zelensky in Davos told what statements about the war sounded like a “green light” for Putin

ByJohn Newman

Jan 16, 2024

Head of state Vladimir Zelensky on Tuesday, January 16, spoke in Davos, Switzerland, before participants of the World Economic Forum. The President told what statements in the West, which sounded like a “green light” for the Kremlin, caused Ukraine to lose time.

Photo – rbc.ua

During a speech in Davos, the Ukrainian leader recalled that Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin will not change, therefore change must occur in the world. Zelensky noted that the Russian leader supports terrorist regimes, NBN reports with reference to the guarantor’s Facebook page.

The President recalled that Ukrainians stood up to defend their country when almost no one believed in them. However, Ukraine was able to “turn the game around” and now no one believes in the Russian Federation.

According to the head of state, calls to Kyiv “not to escalate” sounded like a “green light” for the aggressor president. As a result, Ukraine lost time.

The guarantor also thanked the allies for the new anti-Russian sanctions, but noted that every missile that the Russian Federation produces still contains components from Western countries. In addition, the Ukrainian leader warned against “freezing” hostilities, recalling that such a scenario occurred in the east of our country and it turned into a full-scale invasion of the Russians.

Previously, Zelensky predicted the intensification of invaders at the front before Putin’s “re-election” post of President of the Russian Federation.


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