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alyona alyona shared a personal and sad story

Ukrainian performer and bright representative of the country at Eurovision 2024 alyona alyona revealed the difficult and sad news on her official Instagram. The artist announced that she had lost someone close to her, writes WomanEL.

The young artist’s heart ached from an unspeakable loss – her 32-year-old friend Svetlana passed away due to complications that arose after surgery. Alyona Alyona stated that she was stunned by the loss and was deeply saddened. The artist recorded a video where she openly spoke about her grief and friendship with her deceased friend.

alyona alyona is going to say goodbye to her a close friend in her hometown. Source: instagram.com/alyona.alyona.official

I'm going to Baryshevka. I’m going because today is the funeral of my friend Svetlana. Svetlana and I studied together in Pereyaslav, studied in parallel classes… It so happened that at the age of 32, after complications after an operation, she died,

the celebrity said.

The star goes to her hometown to to see off your dear friend on her last journey. аlyona alyona noted that this is an incredibly important moment for her, and she is going to give her last respect and farewell to her friend. Fans support the singer and wish her strength to survive the terrible loss.

By the way, alyona alyona recently revealed what beauty procedures she does.

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