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Celine Dion triumphantly returned to the stage

It was a surprise that no one expected!

Celine Dion, 55, is gradually returning to public life after being largely out of the spotlight due to her ongoing battle with tough person syndrome .

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The singer made her biggest public appearance since her diagnosis at the 66th Grammy Awards. February 4, reports WomanEL citing a HELLO source.

The star took the stage to announce the Album of the Year award, which she received 27 years ago, immediately receiving a standing ovation from the audience.< /p> Celine at the 66th Grammy Awards February 4. Source: Getty

Upon entering the stage, Celine grinned, and then said to the crowd:

I love you! When I say I'm happy to be here, I really mean it.

In the end, Taylor Swift won the award for her album Midnights, officially becoming the most awarded artist « Album of the Year», of which there were only four.

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