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Do you know who the richest kid in the world is?

WomanEL has learned that the 8-year-old daughter of British Prince William and Kate Middleton, Charlotte, has become the richest child in the world. The fortune of the young Princess of Wales is estimated at almost 4 billion pounds sterling, reports the Outdoor Toys platform. She has even surpassed her older brother, Prince George, who is second on the list with a fortune of £2.8 billion. Their younger brother Louis is 9th on the list with £97.9 million.

Source: outdoortoys.com

Experts believe that Kate Middleton, known for her impeccable taste and stylish looks, significantly contributes to increasing her daughter’s financial capital. The choice of clothes and accessories by a princess becomes an integral part of fashion trends, and therefore creates demand for corresponding goods and services.

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Charlotte is also recognized by experts as an influential figure in the fashion world, which is a great incentive for advertisers and brands , seeking to include her in their advertising campaigns and collaborations.

Other famous children such as Rihanna's son and A$AP Rocky in 3rd place (£943 million), 4th place was taken by 12-year-old daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z (£568 million). The top five is closed by 6-year-old Stormi Webster, daughter of Kylie Jenner (£450 million).

And although the star children are still far from adulthood, their financial success has already interested and surprised many.

Let us remember that we previously reported what Kate Middleton looked like as a child.

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