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Marriage by video: what know-how does the Diya app offer?

In honor of the 4th anniversary of the Diya mobile application, Deputy Prime Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov announced a new service. It is planned to launch a function soon, thanks to which marriage will become possible online using video communication, says WomanEL.

Marriage by video. Source: Instagram

As the Deputy Prime Minister noted, the service will be safe, and it will be possible to get married after several stages of verification. Thanks to online marriage, military personnel will be able to get married remotely.

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You can simply get married in “Diya” on video. It will be quite technologically advanced. I won’t make spoilers, but there will be many interesting parts of this process,

Fedorov explained.

Now you can submit an online application for marriage registration on the Diya portal. Previously, to submit an application, you had to visit the DRATSS, now you can do this in “Diia” in a few clicks and choose the place, time and format of the ceremony.

Marriage will become possible online. Source: Instagram

Also among the plans for 2024: the launch of “Diya.Office”, a separate service for civil servants, an educational application “Mriya” using artificial intelligence technologies and customs clearance services.

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