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The scandal surrounding Dantes' video: why he is accused of promoting violence

35-year-old Ukrainian singer Vladimir Dantes recently released a new video for his song «I will stay young», which is noticeably different from his previous works, writes WomanEL.

In the new video, the artist tried to convey the idea that life should not be put off until later, especially after the war. Instead of giving a deep meaning, he simply called on Ukrainians to appreciate everyday moments, emphasizing that they are what make our lives complete.

The central idea of ​​the video is the dualism of the singer’s personality, expressed through the confrontation between two inner selves. #187;. One of them strives for the ideal, avoiding mistakes, while the other is ready to take risks and cross boundaries.

Clip by Dantes «I will stay young». Source: YouTube

Dantes with a naked torso, smoking in the frame, half naked girls, passionate kisses — all this is about the star’s new video. After what they saw, netizens said that he was promoting violence.

On his Instagram account, Vladimir ironically commented on the accusations. He stated:

Sex and violence propaganda — this is me)))) I never thought that I would have a video that promotes violence, but the platforms think so, so it’s okay! Now it has become niche and for the elite, you know where to look.

Publication by Dantes. Source: Instagram

Remember that the video for the track «I'll stay young» shot Tanya Muinho — Ukrainian music video director and director, winner of the MTV Video Music Awards.

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