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Defeat in the final series: the champion of Ukraine in hockey was determined

ByИван Дунаев

Mar 29, 2024

 Defeat in the final series: the champion of Ukraine in hockey has been determined

"Sokol" won the 15th title in history, updating his own record.

Kiev Falcon became the champion of Ukraine in hockey for the 2023 season/24. In the playoff final, the capital club turned out to be stronger than Kremenchug.

In the fourth match of the final series, the Falcons beat their opponent on the road with a score of 3:2.

The match began on March 28, but in the third period, with the score 3:1 in favor of the Kiev team, it was suspended due to an air raid. Since the pause was prolonged, they decided to finish the match on March 29.

In the final game, “Kremenchug” managed to reduce the gap to a minimum, but the team did not have enough strength for more.

Consequently, “Sokol” won the fourth of four matches in the final series (4:0) and won the championship title.

For the Kiev club this is the 15th championship in history and the third in a row.

Last season, Sokol in the final they also beat Kremenchug, but did it only in the second overtime of the decisive match.

Thus, Sokol updated its own record for the number of Ukrainian championships won. The second most titled team in the country, Donbass, has eight championship titles.

In turn, Kremenchug became the silver medalist of the Ukrainian Championship. In the history of this club there is one championship title, won in the 2019/20 season.


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