• 22/02/2024 18:51

Receipts to banks managed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund reached a record

Receipts to banks managed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund over the past year amounted to UAH 7,174.9 million. Of these, UAH 5,211.5 million were received from the sale of assets of these banks, UAH 919.1 million from the repayment of loans, UAH 443.8 million from the redemption of securities, UAH 127.7 million from the rental of property and 472.8 million UAH – from other sources (correspondent accounts, enforcement proceedings, etc.). This was reported by the Fund's press service.

Receipts to banks managed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund have reached a record

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As noted , UAH 7.17 billion is the maximum amount of revenue over the last 4 years. This figure is one and a half times higher than the receipts a year earlier.

Over the past year, the amount of receipts from the sale of bank property has increased several times. If in 2022 the sale of property brought UAH 1,511.3 million, almost the same as the redemption of securities, then as of January 1, 2024, UAH 5,211.5 million was received from the sale of assets, which significantly exceeds the revenues from other items . Proceeds from loan repayments, in turn, almost doubled over the past year.

Leaders in terms of the amount of receipts in 2023:

    JSC “MR BANK” – UAH 2,481.4 million JSC ” Prominvestbank – UAH 1,588.3 million JSC MEGABANK – UAH 587.2 million JSCB CONCORD – UAH 515.8 million. OJSC “ZLATOBANK” – UAH 486.1 million


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