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Tax on extra meters turned out to be ineffective – Getmantsev

Tax revenues on real estate other than land amounted to UAH 9.1 billion for 2023. The head of the Tax Committee of the Russian Federation, Daniil Getmantsev, wrote about this in his telegram channel.

The tax on extra meters turned out to be ineffective — Getmantsev

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According to him, UAH 1.2 billion in taxes were collected from residential real estate, UAH 7.8 billion from non-residential real estate.

“This tax is probably one of the least effective. The main problem is the efficiency of administration,” commented Getmantsev.

According to him, the reasons for this situation are the low level of cooperation between local governments and tax authorities, as well as the insufficient work of local communities on the inventory of taxable objects.

Real estate tax

The real estate tax was introduced in 2020. Anyone who has an apartment whose area exceeds 60 square meters. m, building more than 120 sq. m or combined property over 180 sq. m. m must fill out a declaration and pay the tax.

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The tax rate is 1.5 % of the minimum wage established by law as of January 1 of the reporting (tax) year for one square meter of area. In 2022, this rate was 97.50 UAH, in 2023 – 100.50 UAH per “extra” square meter.


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