• 13/06/2024 09:44

The EU is preparing to stop the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine – media

The European Union is preparing to rule out the possibility of extending the agreement with Russia on gas transit through Ukraine after it expires at the end of the year. Bloomberg writes about this with a link to familiarized sources.

The EU is preparing to stop the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine — Media

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According to interlocutors, The EU executive argues that even the countries most dependent on Russian supplies, including Austria and Slovakia, will be able to find alternative sources of supply.

The European Commission has conducted a preliminary analysis of potential scenarios that may arise as a result of the termination of the transit agreement , including modeling of alternative sources, including covering the deficit through the Turkish Stream and the delivery of Russian gas to the border with Ukraine, from where the fuel could be sent to Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic under a new agreement with Kiev.

According to agency sources, the bloc's executive authorities will discuss the issue with member countries in February before formally presenting the plan to energy ministers at a meeting in Brussels on March 4.

Ukraine denies that it is ready to renegotiate the transit agreement with Russia after Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico announced such a possibility.


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