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How to buy/sell NOT tokens in NEAR Wallet

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How to buy/sell NOT tokens in NEAR Wallet: this is an innovative wallet presented as an application for iOS and Android, and also in the format of a telegram bot based on NEAR technology, and it is quite easy to obtain tokens in it.

This information was reported by the official resource NEAR Wallet, reports URA-Inform.

Which token should be mined HOT in Near Wallet?

We are talking about the HOT coin, which is easy to mine directly in your wallet. Unique wallet address format «.tg» is already supported by several major exchanges including Binance, OKX, KuCoin, Gate and others, making it more accessible to many users. At the moment, the number of users exceeds 1,050,000, which indicates the popularity of this wallet.

How to mine HOT in Near Wallet?

The process of mining the HOT token in NEAR Wallet is extremely simple and automated. Users are given the opportunity to receive tokens for free three times, and then choose one of three options for paying the commission. In addition, to improve the earning process, miners are offered various options, such as using referral links to receive bonuses from invited users and their referrals, as well as purchasing improvements with HOT, such as increasing storage capacity, accelerating passive token mining, and increasing mining speed.

In order to start mining HOT tokens in Telegram, just follow a few simple steps:

  • run the bot in Telegram — https://t.me/herewalletbot/app?startapp=4752063;
  • select «Menu» and then «open Telegram wallet»;
  • give permission to send notifications;
  • create an account, save the passphrase (passphrase) and do not share it to ensure security;
  • get your free token by clicking on «Claim»;
  • after this, tokens will be mined automatically and accumulated in «Storage». It is important to collect them regularly by clicking on «Claim HOT» every 2 hours.

How to make mining faster in NEAR Wallet?

To speed up the mining process and make it easier to work with the wallet, various options are available:

  • GAS, with which you can pay commissions in the blockchain, it can be purchased by completing certain tasks or by placing NEAR tokens on your balance;
  • Boost, which allows you to increase the level and increase the storage volume up to 12 times, which reduces the need to frequently log into your wallet to collect tokens;
  • < li>Friends, which provides a referral link for inviting friends, for which you receive 20% cashback from their mining.

Where will be the listing (sale) of HOT tokens

Regarding possible exchange listings, the NEAR Wallet project has already received support from leading cryptocurrency platforms such as Binance, Gate.io, OKX, which indicates its potential. Rumors also indicate a possible listing on WhiteBit and Bingx. Working with such large exchanges as OKEX confirms interest in the project. It is important to prepare in advance for a HOT listing on one of these platforms in order to effectively utilize the potential of the coin after the official announcement. Thus, for many, the answer to the question of how to buy/sell NOT tokens in NEAR Wallet becomes clear.

Similar games for mining cryptocurrency as in NEAR Wallet

If your interest lies in the possibility of earning money with minimal or even no investments, then you should pay attention not only to the above-mentioned project, but also to other similar ones. For example, you can try your hand at clicker projects such as Click Arbuz, Wormfare. Also at the peak of popularity is the Avacoin project, which is similar to Notcoin. TapSwap, an actively developing project with its own audience, is not far behind them.

It is also worth mentioning the developing Harvest MOON project, where tokens can also be mined in a passive format and without investments.

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