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Putin threatened that the Russian Federation could attack Ukraine’s allies: a condition was named

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Russian dictator Vladimir Putin named the condition under which Russia can attack third countries.

About this information was reported by DW, URA-Inform reports.  

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking with the military during a working trip to the Tver region, made several statements. In particular, he responded to information from Western politicians, the military and the media who believe that the Russian Federation may attack other countries, including NATO members.

&# 171;Russia has no aggressive intentions,” Putin said.

However, the Russian President further stated that if the American F-16 fighters transferred to Ukraine to participate in the war will take off from airfields third countries, these airfields will become a legitimate target for the Russian military.

«Of course, if they are used from airfields of third countries, they become a legitimate target, wherever they are,” Putin said.

At the same time, he recalled that F-16s can carry nuclear weapons on board. 

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«And we will also have to take this into account», — Putin summed up.

Recall that it was previously reported that Ukraine is discussing options for ending the war with Russia, – Scholz.

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