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Registration deadlines for NMT-2024 have been announced: information for applicants and their parents

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Registration for participation in the national multi-subject test 2024 will begin on March 14 and will last until April 11 inclusive.< /p>

Osvita reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

During the registration period, a future NMT participant must create a personal electronic account on the website of the Ukrainian Center for Assessment of the Quality of Education, upload the necessary documents into it, enter information about himself and select a subject of his choice that he will take during the exam.

Until April 15, a future UMT participant, if necessary, will be able to make changes to the information in the electronic account. After April 15, it will be impossible to change the information.

In addition to the main registration period, there is also an additional — from May 10 to May 15. During this period, those participants who were unable to do so for valid reasons during the main registration period, and those who registered during the main registration period, but were denied registration, will be able to register.

These participants will participate in an additional session of the UMT. In this case, changes to the registration data can be made until May 19.

Starting May 8, registered participants in the main sessions of the UMT will have the opportunity to download invitations from their personal accounts, which will indicate the date, time and location of the UMT.

Participants in additional sessions will be able to find out about the date, time and place of testing from July 8. As you know, this year the main session of the UMT will take place from May 14 to June 25. The additional session will last from July 11 to July 19.

Recall that it was previously reported that supervisors may appear in Ukrainian schools: who they are and what role they will perform.

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