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Will the Russian Federation be able to turn the tide of the war: Chernik answered whether there will be Russian tanks in Uzhgorod and Lvov

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This information was reported by Tsn, reports URA-Inform.  

Military analyst, Colonel Pyotr Chernik commented on publications in Western media that «The Russian Federation can turn the tide of the war».

«What does it mean to turn the tide of a war? Will Russian tanks enter Uzhgorod or Lviv? We must be very biased towards what our Western partners write on their large platforms. There is the Russian IPSO, they are pouring large resources into the fight in the information space. Classic example — after the Hamas attack on Israel there was information that the United States would transfer fewer shells, the Pentagon immediately denied this, but it was everywhere», — he explained.

Peter the expert added that if Russia had the potential, the occupiers would have already turned the tide of the war. 

< p>«That's when Boris Pistorius or another official will announce such information — I would think about it. If the Russian Federation had the potential to turn the tide of the war — “They would have turned it around a long time ago and won, but that didn’t happen,” Chernik concluded.

Recall that it was previously reported when the Russian Federation could launch an even larger-scale airstrike on Ukraine: Samus named the date.

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