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Zelensky was given a special order for commanders from Avdiivka: an insider revealed what they agreed on with the Russian Federation

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This information was reported by the Resident telegram channel, reports URA-Inform.

“An insider from the OP reported that the authorities gave strict instructions to the Security Service of Ukraine to decisively deal with the commanders from Avdiivka, who agreed to an agreement with the enemy in order to safely transfer military personnel and wounded”, — stated at the beginning of the message.

According to the insider, the Verkhovna Rada believes that such actions are a negative signal that adversely affects the morale of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and may become a common trend in the future when commanders , instead of fighting to the death, they will prefer to negotiate captivity.

As previously reported, what will Zaluzhny and other dismissed commanders do: Danilov made an assumption.

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