• 28/02/2024 23:37

Russians must know the real cost of the war in Ukraine – US at the UN Security Council

Россияне должны знать настоящую цену войны в Украине – США на Совбезе ООН


Ambassador Advisor to the US Mission to the UN John Kelly said that the Russians should know what price they are really paying for the war in Ukraine.

Source : Kelly during a meeting of the UN Security Council, quoted by Ukrinform

Direct speech : “Ordinary Russians also bear the burden of the Kremlin's brutal war. Just as we discuss this issue openly in this room, Putin must also be honest with his people about the real and growing costs of his war.”

Details : Kelly noted that the cost of war for Russians is not only hundreds of thousands of deaths on the battlefield, torn families and many who were forced to flee abroad from the Putin regime.

“It is also a bleak economic future for those who remain,” the diplomat said.

“This is a war of his (Putin’s – ed.) choice, which aims to seize the sovereign territory of another UN member state,” Kelly said.

Let us remind you : the United States accused Russia of deliberately distracting the UN Security Council with topics about the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine ten years ago, while Moscow was preparing a large-scale missile and air strike on Ukrainian cities.


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