• 21/02/2024 10:03

Zelensky about the confiscation of assets of the Russian Federation: over the past month we have come closer to a decision

During this period, Ukraine has moved closer to the decision to confiscate Russian assets.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated this, informs RBC-Ukraine that he has sent the state’s heads to the hunt.

“I would like to know the results of communication with partners regarding Russian assets: over the past month we have come closer to the decision we need Emo, how will it be “All Russian assets – the assets of the terrorist power itself and the individuals associated with it – which are frozen in various jurisdictions, may be used to protect against Russian aggression,” he said.

Zelensky podkresliv, that Russian assets are subject to confiscation.

“We are committed to everything so that the decision is prepared in the near future. Every skin and skin that helps us understand this mechanism of renewed justice,” he added.

At this point, Zedensky added that the European Union will need a new sanctions package.

“We are preparing yogo. And we are also preparing new rules to help Russian authorities bypass sanctions,” he said.

Confiscation of Russian assets worth 300 billion dollars

The United States urged the countries of the “Great Family” to confiscate 300 billion dollars of frozen Russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine. The main plan is to wait until the other stage of the Russian invasion to Ukraine.

At the beginning of the present day, the White House supported legislation that would allow the confiscation of approximately 300 billion dollars from the frozen assets of the Russian Federation and send these are the money for the renewal of Ukraine.

The European Union has stepped up to implement plans to introduce a tax on non-transferred profits from frozen assets to the Russian central bank. In this case, the EU still has no intention of confiscating these pennies.

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