• 17/07/2024 09:39

The IDF reported the killing of a Hamas member who was responsible for the rocket attacks last night.

The IDF announced the liquidation in Syria of a Hamas representative responsible for missiles lines of the lower regions of Israel, such as have become the last of the era.

RBC-Ukraine reported this in a statement to The Times of Israel.

The IDF statement says that Hassan Akasha was killed near the abandoned Syrian town of Beit- Genie. It is not clear how he was killed.

Israeli forces reported that the militant was behind several rocket attacks last night from Syria in the name of Hamas.

“We are not allowed terror from territory “Syria, and it bears no responsibility for any actions that come out of its territory. We will continue to carry out actions against any threat,” the IDF said.

Israel's war with Hamas

HAM militants ASU 7 zhovtnya invaded before Israel. Terrorists began to kill and steal both civilians and civilians. Nezabar Jerusalem announced the operation “Salty Swords” and shelled the terrorists' place near the Gaza Strip.

24 leaves fell between Jerusalem and the militants began a temporary truce for the liberation of the prisoners, then the mediator stepping foot in Qatar. Already on the first day of the war, Israel was reaffirmed, through the destruction of the minds of the truce on the side of Hamas.

On the 20th, Israel introduced the Palestinians to the new truce as a term for the present day. At the same time, Hamas put forward a proposal.

At the same time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanya to Israel named three plans that they have in mind to end the war against the Palestinian militants of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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