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The Military Forces are not yet concerned about the delivery of the F-16 to Ukraine: the reason has been named

For the time being, there is no sense in delivering F-16s to Ukraine, the remaining aircraft cost At gunpoint enemy Our Kraina Maє Boti for a service station is ready to such a murmur.

about the cereal of RBC-Ukrainian, to the claim of the SPIKERY forces of Zbroyshanykh Ukrainian Yuriya Iglinat in Efiri “Radio Liberty” .

The speaker was asked to comment on the information of recent analysts about the fact that the first F-16s can be delivered to Ukraine before the end of fate.

Ignat guessed that the president Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky held a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte. The head of the Dutch government declared that his country was preparing the first 18 planes for delivery to Ukraine.

“What's the point of delivering the planes here? Should the stinks here stand at gunpoint? We need to check to make sure everything is 100% clear.” Dotkiv was ready: “Infrastructure, and pilots who are undergoing training with instructors, as well as an engineering and aviation warehouse,” the PS speaker said.

He clarified that the engineers are not only preparing the aircraft, but also taking care of the aircraft.

“We are taking the aircraft in order to fight on a new ground, and not to stand still. Therefore, the aircraft is important singing knowledge in order to fine-tune and manage their blows,” added Ignat.

What was blowing

It seems likely that earlier the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Rutte told Zelensky about the preparation before the transfer of the first F-16s to Ukraine.

The Later Institute for the Prevention of War wrote about those that Ukraine can eliminate until the end of 2023, and this is not indicated in the Estonian strategic document.

Previously, Ignat stated about those that F-1 6, like Ukraine is taking over, it is necessary to modernize.

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