• 29/05/2024 14:17

The ZSU revealed the details of the “Shaheds” attack on Sunday: the number of victims in Odessa has increased

In Odessa, through the overnight attack of the Russian occupiers due to the stagnation of kamikaze drones and during the night the number of victims increased to Girls of people.

about the cereal of RBC-Ukrainian, the head of the dressing of the Obishkovo Admini-Strait Oleg Kіper Ta Tales of the Defense Forces of the Pivnya Ukrainian. As a result of the overnight drone attack of the Russians, 9 people were injured in the area, of which 4 of them were children 12 and 9 years old and two babies, of whom there is no fate. Before this, it was known about the seven victims.

“Three adults were hospitalized to the medical facilities of the place, the stench is of the middle level of importance, two more were hospitalized due to hospitalization, having lost all necessary I will help one day at a time. Four children are also at the middle stage. importance in medicine. Doctors will give the victims all the necessary help,” – each OVA kerevnik.

The Operational Command of the forces “Pivden” noted that this very night the enemy straightened out the backs of the attack drones. in the new regions of Ukraine, and under The occupiers were targeting the industrial and port infrastructure of the region.

The military clarified that 11 barrage shells were shot down in the operational zone of the Russian Defense Forces:

  • 7 – in Odessa region lasti
  • 4 – in the Mykolayiv region.

It is also indicated that in Odessa, through the fall of a downed drone, the residential sector was destroyed, the walls and other infrastructure were damaged.

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