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Vlada can’t think about how to increase tariffs, but how to squeeze the economy to victory, – expert

Officials are responsible for marveling at the economic situation in the country as broadly as possible and forecasting it as widely as possible turn chi sudden fall, and do not concentrate on short-term benefits from the increase in tariffs of state monopolies.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a letter to the President of Ukrmetalurgprom, Oleksandr Kalenkov.

“We, for a pity, have an official of vid mintrans thought about those, yak, scream the dirku at the fіnplani knot. I will not about those, yak pirvishchiti, the Roboti is an ethnicity, and the yak to go to the rinnice of the Tarifi. I do not think about the skin “about the big picture – about those how the increase in tariffs will result in economic growth or decline. This is most often surprising even in the short term. And we need to think about how to save our industry and economy until victory,” Kalen said kov.

< p>He said that the stable development of the region is part of the path to victory, and even the economy itself, which operates, makes it possible to finance our army. Therefore, if there is a decision to appear on this stage, it may be widely discussed based on the findings of experts and market participants.

“We are obliged to make Ukraine the source of our industry, our economy and labor resources. Therefore, the decision to raise tariffs for the holdings of companies may be taken as a result of the wider participation of experts, officials and clients these companies. The broader the discussion, the more likely it is to approach the problem and improve “, as the tariff policy affects the balance sheet of the company, it is not depriving us of this fate, but of the coming one,” Kalenkov exclaims.

As a matter of fact, Uzbekistan’s navy, in which in 2022 the volume of goods has changed twice. How to compensate for the excess tariffs iv, Product turnover falls even more, and so the spiral begins to spin.

“The same thing in energy. Here, the powers need to make decisions on how the mid-century perspective deals with tariffs for the population and green energy, how to restructure the Ukrenergo borgs. These are all the sovereign decisions of the last century. So, in the hour of the great war, it is difficult to plan for a long time.” Otherwise, if we do not work at once, then we simply may not be able to save the industry and the economy until victory,” summed up Kalenkov.

As is evident, NKREKU pushed forward the Ukrenergo tariff “for services in the transmission of electricity from 1st September 2024 to 528.57 UAH/MW-year. The tariff for dispatch control was also raised to 104.57 UAH/MW-year.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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