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The largest NATO exercise in decades: in Poland, from Monday, the movement of military equipment will increase on almost all roads

ByJohn Newman

Feb 8, 2024

In the territory of the Republic of Poland, starting from the twelfth of February, it will be possible to observe an increase in the movement of military equipment on almost all roads in the country. It is noteworthy that this is due to the largest NATO military exercise in recent decades, called Steadfast Defender-24.

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The largest NATO exercises in decades: in Poland from Monday, military traffic will increase on almost all roads equipment

Photo – liga.net

As NBN reports, citing a message released by the press service of the Polish General Staff, the movement columns of military equipment along the streets of Poland will be carried out exclusively as part of training. Consequently, it is planned to practice the transfer of allied troops, coordinate cross-border activities and cooperate with host countries.

It is also said that the columns will be accompanied by military police, as well as traffic control units of the Polish army.

The General Staff appealed to the Poles not to publish photographs and videos of the movement of military equipment in Poland in the public domain on the Internet, as this could ultimately have negative consequences.

Recall that we have already written earlier that during a massive Russian missile attack on Ukraine, Poland scrambled its fighter jets into the sky.


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