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Volker announced when additional US aid to Ukraine in the amount of $61 billion will be approved

ByJohn Newman

Apr 9, 2024

Former US State Department special representative for Ukraine, diplomat Kurt Volker announced when Washington will approve the provision of additional military assistance to Kyiv in the amount of $61 billion.

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Volker announced when it will be approved additional assistance to Ukraine from the United States in the amount of $61 billion

Photo – reuters.com

Former US special representative for Ukraine in an interview with the publication ” RBC-Ukraine spoke about Washington’s continued support for Kyiv. According to Volker, the United States will provide assistance to Kyiv in the amount of $61 billion, NBN reports.

The diplomat believes that the American leadership will provide additional military assistance to Ukraine as early as this month, adding that he “ I’ve made mistakes before and I’m ready to make mistakes again.”

Volker believes that the US authorities first want to achieve an extension of financial support for Kyiv, and then deal with the presidential elections. He claims that 80% of members of the House of Representatives support providing assistance to Ukraine and, if the corresponding bill is brought up for consideration, it will receive from 300 to 350 votes.

Previously, Republican Senator Joni Ernst said that the United States should check targeted use of “every dollar” they allocate to Ukraine.


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