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Zelensky told how many missiles, drones and KABs the Russian Federation fired into Ukraine in April

ByJohn Newman

May 2, 2024

During the spring months, the Russian occupation army took advantage of the shortage of ammunition among the Ukrainian air defense by intensifying attacks with a variety of missiles and kamikaze drones.

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Zelensky told how many missiles , drones and KABs were released by the Russian Federation in Ukraine in April

Photo – president.gov.ua

About that , that only in April of this year, the “second army of the world” launched more than 300 different missiles, about 300 “Geranium-2/Shaheds”, and also dropped at least 3 200 adjustable/guided aerial bombs (KABs), writes NBN, citing information published in the official Telegram channel of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

According to Zelensky, most often enemy attacks hit populated areas and territorial communities of Sumy region, Odessa region, Dnepropetrovsk region, Kharkov region and Donetsk region. In addition, virtually every night and every day, the invaders hit Nikolaev and Kherson, as a result of which the civilian population suffers from “this deliberate and vile terror.”

The President added that thousands of Ukrainian lives were saved only thanks to the help of leaders and partner countries that have already supported “our air shield”, and at the same time effectively putting sanctions on the “Russian military machine”.

Earlier we wrote about that Zelensky called the deadlines the beginning of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union.


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