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What drinks can you drink if you have diabetes?

Food and drink are important for maintaining health. Avoiding foods high in fat and sugar will help keep your blood sugar levels stable, reports WomanEL.


It is recommended to consume zero-calorie or low-calorie drinks as this will help avoid sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. It is important to understand that frequent glucose spikes can lead to serious complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, vision problems, etc.

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Drinking 1-2 glasses of low-fat milk is safe for people with diabetes because its fat and protein help balance the absorption of sugars. Low-fat dairy products are also an important source of vitamin D and calcium.

Plant-based milks such as coconut, almond and unsweetened soy milks can be excellent choices for people with diabetes because they are low in carbs and unsweetened. However, rice and oat milk are high in carbohydrates, so it is better to limit their consumption.


Tea without sugar is an ideal drink for maintaining water balance. In addition, green tea promotes weight loss and saturates the body with antioxidants, while herbal tea soothes and strengthens the immune system. Fruit tea is an excellent choice with a hint of sweetness.

Coffee in its pure form, without added sugar or syrups, is perfect for people with diabetes. Caffeine in moderation is okay, but remember to stay hydrated as coffee can be dehydrating.


Smoothies are a nutrient-dense drink, but it's important to consider the calorie and fructose content. Adding greens, yogurt, or vegetables can make your smoothie lower in carbohydrates and healthier.

Fruit juices quickly increase your blood sugar, so you should drink them rarely. Tomato juice, on the other hand, is rich in nutrients and low in carbohydrates, which makes it beneficial for people with diabetes.


Alcohol sometimes lowers blood glucose levels, but the high sugar content in many alcoholic beverages can lead to dangerous sugar spikes.

In addition, it is not recommended to mix alcohol with juices and sweet carbonated waters. This will help avoid the risks of hyperglycemia – a sharp increase in blood sugar.

And, of course, it is useful to drink clean water; if you don’t like it, you can add lemon or berries to it.

By the way. be sure to consult a doctor or other specialist in nutrition, diet, etc.

Be healthy!

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