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What you can clean with hydrogen peroxide: 3 genius bathroom tricks

While hydrogen peroxide is certainly a staple in home medicine cabinets, it has many other beneficial uses that may surprise you. In the laundry room, it's a powerful ally against stubborn household stains, but it also has impressive disinfecting properties, making it the perfect solution for tackling bathroom clutter. What can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide?

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Some of the life hacks that WomanEL will share are based on using a simple bottle of hydrogen peroxide, which can be bought at any store or pharmacy. p>

What can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide: shower

Messy residue in the shower is inevitable due to the constant combination of soap scum, moisture, and lack of air flow. However, if you keep it clean, it will mean less buildup overall and less time spent cleaning. While there are many powerful shower cleaners available, many contain harsh and caustic chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide provides powerful cleaning without harmful fumes. Its chemical composition kills mold, bacteria, fungi and viruses by breaking down their proteins.

When you're ready to shower, grab a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (make sure it's not expired), some baking soda, a scrubbing brush, and rubber gloves to protect your hands. Spray the product onto the walls of the shower stall, the floor, and any nooks and crannies. Then sprinkle in some baking soda to form a hydrogen peroxide paste. Let the mixture bubble and foam for a few minutes, then rub in. After rinsing with clean water, you will be amazed by the brilliant result.

Clear the mirror

From toothpaste splatters to perfume splatters and regular sink splashes, our bathroom mirrors are often dirty. While some commercial glass cleaners use vinegar as a main ingredient, others contain harsh ammonia. So if you're looking for a way to clean your mirrors or windows without streaks or strong odors, grab a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Surface care experts recommend this solution as a natural yet powerful alternative to more harsh products on the market. Plus, it's affordable and easy to find.

To clean a bathroom mirror or window, you'll need a pair of rubber gloves, a clean, empty spray bottle, hydrogen peroxide, and a microfiber cloth. Wearing gloves, fill a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and spray it onto the fabric. Experts advise spraying the product onto the fabric rather than directly onto the mirror to prevent water stains. Wipe the mirror and repeat if necessary.

What can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide: toilet

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to disinfect the toilet, Source: freepik. com

We already know that the chemical composition of hydrogen peroxide makes it a powerful antiseptic. So effective, in fact, that the Clorox healthcare line (specifically designed for use in hospitals) includes a range of hydrogen peroxide disinfectants.

You will need rubber gloves, an empty (clean) spray bottle, hydrogen peroxide and toilet brush. Some retailers sell hydrogen peroxide in spray form, so this is a great option for easier cleaning. To clean the inside of your toilet, spray generously and let the bubbles sit for 15 to 20 minutes before scrubbing. You can also spray the product on the seat, base, lid, and any other surface that needs to be disinfected, let it sit, and then wipe with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.

We also shared how to clean shower head quickly and without the help of chemicals. You will need vinegar.

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