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One of the most popular vegetables in Ukraine has become cheaper – what prices can consumers expect?

 One of the most popular vegetables in Ukraine has become cheaper - what prices can consumers expect

Due to imported products, prices for domestic potatoes are falling in Ukraine.

Since mid-March, large shipments of the new potato crop began arriving in Ukraine from abroad. As a result, consumer prices for Ukrainian products have fallen.

This was reported by the EastFruit project.

Over the past week, prices for potatoes in Ukrainian markets and stores have decreased by an average of 12% and range from 14 to 20 UAH per kilogram.

Imported potatoes from the 2024 harvest, coming from Egypt and Azerbaijan, cost 25-30 UAH/kg at retail outlets.

Project analysts note that at the beginning of the spring season, Ukrainian producers are trying to sell the remnants of last year’s harvest as quickly as possible in order to begin a new agricultural season. Therefore, the supply of local agricultural products from both farmers and small private farms has increased significantly, and at the end of the season its quality is expected to be quite low.

According to price monitoring data, despite the seasonal decline in prices in 2024, potatoes are worth 2.5 times more expensive than in March last year.

Recall that imported vegetables rose in price in February due to the complication of logistics as a result of the blocking of the Polish border, as well as due to the devaluation of the hryvnia, since imported goods are purchased for foreign currency.

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