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What kind of pension should you expect with a salary of 10 thousand hryvnia?

 What pension should be calculated with a salary of 10 thousand hryvnia

What kind of pension can you get with a salary of 10 thousand hryvnia and a certain length of work.

If a person receives a salary of 10 thousand UAH and has 35 years of experience – he can count on a pension in the amount of 2818.8 UAH.

OBOZ.UA writes about this.

According to the latest According to the Pension Fund, in Ukraine the average salary for which a single social contribution was paid is UAH 16,836. The ratio of 10 thousand UAH to the specified salary is 0.59.

“Thus, taking into account the average salary for three years (13,559.41 UAH), 35 years of experience and the ratio of 10 thousand UAH to the average salary , the size of the future payment will be 2818.8 UAH,” the publication writes.

Among pensioners there are about 2.7 million who continue to work. They receive an average payment of 6 thousand UAH. In total, 10.1 million people receive a pension. Of these, the largest number (2.6 million) receive a pension of up to 3 thousand UAH. Another 1.7 million people receive from 3 thousand to 4 thousand UAH. 1.8 million Ukrainians receive from 4 thousand to 5 thousand UAH.

That is, the majority of Ukrainian pensioners receive payments in the amount of up to 5 thousand UAH. Pensions from 10 thousand UAH are received by 1.2 million pensioners.

Let us remind you that pensions will be transferred to Ukrainians from May 1 – who will receive the bonus.


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