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When will electricity tariffs increase in Ukraine: response from the Minister of Energy

 When they will increase electricity tariffs in Ukraine: response from the Minister of Energy

An increase in tariffs may occur after the heating season.

Ukrainians should not worry that the tariff for electricity will be increased to 6 hryvnia in 2024.

This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Energy German Galushchenko on the national telethon.

According to him, the issue of increasing tariffs for electricity is not on the agenda at all yet.

“Firstly, there will definitely not be 6 UAH per kilowatt. This is just some kind of hoax. It is not justified by anything. But really, the tariff will not change until the end of the heating season, because there is a resolution that is valid until May 1,” Galushchenko said.

He also noted that only in April of this year the authorities will look at the situation, but so far there are no projects or calculations.

Recall: The Cabinet of Ministers increased the electricity tariff for the population from June 1, 2023 – to 2.64 UAH per kW.

People's Deputy, First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy Alexey Kucherenko said, that electricity tariffs may rise at the end of spring.

The day before it became known that the cost of a number of housing and communal services in Ukraine will be transferred using a new mechanism. Read what will change in news.


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