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In 2023, Lamborghini sales exceeded 10 thousand cars for the first time. Where did you buy the most?

The Italian sports car manufacturer Lamborghini sold more than 10 thousand cars for the first time last year. This is stated in the company's press release.

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The automaker, a subsidiary of the German Volkswagen, delivered a total of 10,112 sports cars and SUVs last year, which is 10% more than in 2022.

Where they bought the most

Europe, the Middle East and Africa was the region that saw the largest increase in Lamborghini deliveries last year: by 14%, to 3,987 vehicles.

Sales in the Americas region increased by 9% to 3,465, and in the Asia-Pacific region by 4% to 2,660.

The United States remains the leading market of 3,000 vehicles delivered, followed by followed by Germany (961), China (845), UK (801), Japan (660), Middle East (496), South Korea (434), Italy (409), Canada (357), Australia (263), France and Monaco (255), Switzerland (211), Taiwan (131) and India (103).

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