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Alternative to the TCC: Ukrainians were told where else they could come with a summons

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The Ministry of Defense spoke about an alternative to the TCC after receiving the summons.

This information was reported by Armyinform, reports “URA-Inform”.  

The authorized representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for recruiting, Alexey Bezhevets, said that Ukrainians who have received subpoenas for reconciliation of credentials can apply with them not only to the TCC and SP.

He noted that you can come with such an agenda to recruiting centers where recruitment into the ranks of the Ukrainian Defense Forces is underway.

«Even if you have a summons, this does not in any way prohibit you from coming to the recruiting center. You have the opportunity to come and find yourself, understand what vacancy you can still apply for, choose one for yourself,” he said.

At the same time, Bezhevets clarified that this is only about cases when a person has a summons in hand to reconcile credentials. Then he can come to the center and look for a vacancy or a place in a specific team for a specific position.

«We are not talking about a summons when a person has already passed the military military qualifications and is actually ready to be sent to a unit, no»,” said a representative of the Ministry of Defense.

We remind you that it was previously reported that military registration and enlistment office employees will be stationed at checkpoints in the Lviv region: the OVA stated the reason.

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