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Shoigu’s fate is already clear: Peskov spoke about the Kremlin’s decision after the high-profile dismissal

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According to Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov, Sergei Shoigu, whom Vladimir Putin had previously proposed for the post of Secretary of the Russian Security Council, will receive new responsibilities, while remaining in a familiar field of activity.

URA-Inform reports this, citing Korrespondent.

“Shoigu will continue his professional activities in the field that he I know you very well,” — Peskov said.

It was announced that the new Secretary of the Security Council will hold the position of deputy president in the commission on the military-industrial complex and will be actively involved in the work of the FSMTC.

“He will simultaneously serve as deputy president in the commission on Military-industrial complex, having a deep understanding of the processes of production of military products at various enterprises,” — Putin's press secretary emphasized.

In addition, Peskov said that the appointment of former First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Andrei Belousov to the post of head of the Ministry of Defense will not affect the policy of the Russian Federation in this area.

“This the appointment will in no way change the current system of coordinates in the military aspect, since the military component has always been within the purview of the Chief of the General Staff, and there are no plans to change this dynamic,” — he added.

Recall that the Armed Forces of Ukraine need a number of specialists: Umerov named the most in-demand professions.

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